Refer 5 For 5 Offer

Effective  November 15, 2020 

Refer 5, Get 5 Offer Details*

From time to time, 3GuysWiFi.TV LLC, referred to herein as “we”, “us”, “our(s)”, or “3Guys”, may offer promotional packages, pricing, or other incentives in an effort to show appreciation to our current customers and to attract new customers.

How It Works:

An active subscriber refers 5 friends, family members, co-workers, or others who each become new customers by creating a membership account and making 5 consecutive on-time monthly payments. When the 5th newly referred customer makes their 5th payment, your account will be credited for 5 free months of service! (see Eligibility Requirements below) To get started, visit our website at and complete the Referral Form to receive your Referral Code.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The referring customer (“you”, “your”) must be enrolled, active, and not owe a past due balance upon submitting the Referral Form to request your Referral Code.
  • The newly Referred Customer must include your Referral Code when enrolling in our service.
  • The newly Referred Customer must not be a current or former customer of 3Guys.
  • The newly Referred Customer must not have previously had a Trial Account with 3Guys.
  • The newly Referred Customer must remain active for 5 consecutive months making on-time payments each month.
  • Your 5th newly referred customer must enroll prior the expiration of your Referral Code.
  • Each customer is only eligible to receive a Referral Code one-time. If you would like to refer more than 5 friends or family members, we encourage you to help those you’ve newly referred get their free five months by having them complete the Referral Form to get their own Referral Code!

Helpful Tips To Ensure You Qualify To Receive Your 5 Free Months:

  • Since your Referral Code will expire 60 days after it is issued to you, start sharing your 3GuysWiFi.TV streaming experience with your friends, family, and co-workers BEFORE completing our Referral Form and having a code issued to you.
  • Be upfront with those you talk to. Tell them how much you love saving money by using our services to stream all of your favorite channels and tell them that if they sign up too, you’ll get free service. Be sure to tell them that after they are customers, they can participate in our Refer 5 offer too!
  • Encourage your friends and family to try out our services with our No Credit Card Needed Free Trial for 24 hours. Follow-up and ask them about their experience. Assist them in setting up their devices if needed, or encourage them to contact us for assistance. Remind them that if they decide to enroll to get your Referral Code first.
  • Once you have your first friend or family member ready to enroll, visit our website and complete the Referral Form to get your Referral Code!
*Offer Subject To Change or Terminate Without Notice.